Michael Pachter "would bet" on a PS5 release for 2020

The well-known analyst believes that Sony will extend the life of PS4 by cutting its price until it stops selling.

Michael Pachter

When will it go on sale Playstation 5? We asked ourselves this question since Shawn Layden, head of the PlayStation division in America, confirmed a couple of months ago that Sony was already working on the console, and that "it would be a while" until we see it for the first time. The well-known analyst Michael Pachter, one of the most representative personalities in the world of videogames today - for better or for worse - predicted at the time that Sony would release its next generation of consoles back in 2019 or even later, although today it seems to have adjusted its calculations a little better : “I think you will see a PS5 exactly in 2019 or 2020, and if i had to bet i would by 2020"He comments on the podcast" The 1099. "

The analyst accompanies this deduction exercise with the following reasoning. “Sony is making so much money with PS4 that I think they will continue to squeeze it while they can. I think the natural extension of it is that PS4 Pro becomes the next standard PS4, and when they can afford to cut its price to $ 250, they can keep selling it. A lot. The PS5 will probably be their real 4k device, and I don't think they're going to release it until PS4 sales start to drop, which they simply haven't. So surely 2017 will end, 2018 will arrive, and I don't see why I will slow down in 2018 forcing them to launch something in 2019. If this rate drops in 2019, they will probably put it on sale in 2020. ”

In other words, what doesn't happen today will happen tomorrow. Xbox One X, Microsoft's alternative to 4k, will launch in a few weeks. It remains to be seen whether or not Sony will move any tab in this regard between now and 2020.