MediaMolecule: "It would be a crime not to bring Dreams to PS VR"

Although there is no date for its premiere, Dreams will come to Sony virtual reality.

It has cost, but Dreams has finally reappeared in the The Game Awards 2017. 3D Games He had the pleasure of coming to the MediaMolecule studio to get to know the game in depth, and we had the opportunity to speak with some of the studio members. Considering the potential of the publisher of the new game from the creators of LittleBigPlanet, would it be crazy to take it to virtual reality? Not at all: in fact, it is something that the team is already working on, which is very satisfied with the first tests.

The art director, Kareem EttouneyHe told us that "yes, we are thinking of bringing Dreams to PS VR, absolutely. If Dreams is not an ideal project for PlayStation VR, what is it? But at launch we are not going to focus on it for now."Would it be a danger for PS VR users to access experiences that could make users dizzy? Ettouney explained that "once you open a technology to players, you must accept the consequences of people's creativity. Look at LittleBigPlanet, there were great screens, others that were not so great ... Does one of the hypothetical PlayStation VR experiences in Dreams make you dizzy? "It's as simple as looking for the following one. It's similar to the Internet: if you see something you don't like, you don't stay."

Nothing progresses as much as the moment you open it up to people

The artist thinks that "nothing progresses as much as when you open it to people. For example: guitars are not exclusive to musicians. You, who don't know how to play the guitar, can go to a store and buy the Same tool that Eric Clapton uses, even if you don't know what to do with it. Everything I want to learn now I learn on YouTube. For example, I take music lessons from YouTube to play Clapton's guitar, even if I never become like him. That's a bit of how we want it to work - we want knowledge about Dreams to be shared, and users naturally inspire each other. "

The technical director, David smith, is also excited about the possibilities of the project: "It is something very exciting and I think that, in part, it would be natural to bring Dreams to virtual reality and find something that can extend the experience of the game on new devices. We have done a lot in Dreams, many beautiful models or terrain, that seeing them on other devices could help them, even improve ". Alex Evans, director, goes beyond Smith and Ettouney: "It would be a crime not to bring Dreams to virtual reality. We have worked on prototypes." Your creative director, Mark Healey, told us about the first results: "I have seen things in virtual reality and it is wonderful. It is not something that will be at launch, but we are working to make it happen. There is a lot of work to do, but it is something obvious that we must develop for me and the whole team. "

The goal of Dreams in virtual reality would be as ambitious as "creating something that is yours and being able to live the experience of visiting it or enjoying it for yourself in an environment such as virtual reality is doubly magical", reported Evans, "we are positioned to unique way to create something unique. " The virtual reality door for the new MediaMolecule game would not remain in video games: "Of course, it would not be limited to games, you could explore the benefits of Dreams with movies or animation shorts. It will be the first thing we attack once we release the game next year, "concluded Healy.

Dreams will come exclusively to Playstation 4 on a date to be determined next 2018.