MediaMolecule reflects on the long absence of Dreams

"Dreams is a stupidly ambitious project," said its developers.

From its official presentation until dawn today, in the The Game Awards 2017, a lot of time has passed. What has been the problem that has led to Dreams, what's new from the creators of LittleBigPlanet, to be so absent at events and fairs? 3D GamesHe was exclusively in the English studio, speaking with some of the main developers of the video game, who did not hesitate to explain their opinion about the project and the reasons that have led them to be away from the media spotlight.

Mark Healy, one of the main representatives of MediaMoleculeHe told us that "as in any ambitious video game, many things happen. It may be shown prematurely, and there have been many additions that have been added to Dreams during its development. As it progressed, the fate of the game became clearer ". He acknowledged that "for a while it seemed like a confusing concept to explain to users. In a way, we would have liked to do something like Nintendo: show the game only when it was ready."

One of the project directors, Alex EvansIt was clear: "It's not that there was a specific problem with Dreams, it was that there were hundreds of problems. You know that it is said that 'a good game will be remembered forever; a bad game will be a shit forever.' Hurry: we have worked in a window in which we have moved safely throughout the development. We have been polishing hundreds of tools to make them perfect. I can give you an example: the processes are now smooth and fast, in its day it was difficult more in-game. "

Evans called Dreams "stupidly ambitious. I don't think we were aware of how ambitious it was when we introduced it back in the day. The typical line on Media Molecule is 'we've found something that changes everything.' And when it seemed we had it. ready, someone came and told us 'we have found something that changes everything', we have to redo everything Dreams. We have stopped saying the happy phrase at all: it's ready, "he said with a laugh.

Dreams has been one of the great projects announced at The Game Awards 2017. MediaMolecule's video game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on a date to be determined in 2018. What is Dreams? Feel free to read our trailer to find out what to expect from the new video game from the creators of LittleBigPlanet.