Mechanics and tricks of Apex Legends that maybe you did not know

We all know the basics of battle royale, but in this guide we talk about the specific points of Apex.

After the presentation of Apex Legends, anyone with an interest in the game could try it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It didn't take more than a few hours to realize something: it is a unique title within the genre of battle royale , with many details and small innovations here and there that separate the title of EA and Respawn Entertainment from the references of its field. In this Apex Legends guide, we offer you a series of points that we consider essential to winSome have already been covered in the Apex Legends Trivia and Keys guide, while others are more recent observations.

We warn you, of course, that all the information that you are going to find here corresponds to the playable aspect, so if you have doubts with other aspects (post-launch support, monetization, number of players per game and the like) we recommend that you enter the link previous. With this clarified, we are going to try to facilitate the path to victory.

Tips, keys and curiosities of Apex Legends

Up and down Apex Legends makes it very easy for us to climb high places and get off them. If you see a raised ledge, jump onto it and hold the jump button to go up. We do not have a double jump or wall race, but something is something. There are also many facilities to reach the ground, because we do not have to roll or do anything special to land: simply, no fall damage. Jump from where you need to, without fear.

Exclusive Loot From time to time, you will find loot pods that fall from the sky. This is nothing new in battle royale, and if you have played any you will know without a doubt that this translates into rare loot in almost all cases. What may catch you off guard is that in Apex Legends there are weapons that can only be found in these suppliessuch as the Kraber sniper rifle or the Mastiff shotgun. Although these are particularly interesting, there are many more.

Conserve your ammo type This may seem obvious and to many a silly trick, but each type of weapon consumes a specific type of ammo. And since inventory is somewhat limited, you'll want to check what type of magazine is used in your weapons of choice. Open the inventory often and look at the icon to the right of the weapon you use: it is the same that the ammunition you take must have in order to reload and shoot. Similarly, each piece of armor you equip gives you a small shield barrier that you can recharge with batteries. The question is, what should you take? Instead of stocking up your inventory just like that, focus on the things that are useful - a shotgun and mid-range weapon are usually useful, and then supplement with as much medicine and ammo in your backpack.

Find out where the next circle will be Pathfinder He has a very useful passive ability for the team: he can use the beacons scattered on the map to find out where the next circle will be. As the game progresses, positioning becomes more important; so it's good to get used to getting a tactical advantage and being in the best possible spot when the combat zone is closed. Be careful, as useful as it may seem, the truth is that all characters contribute to the team in one way or another. Do not discredit any legend.

Gliding: speed or control? Holding down the duck button or key while running will cause your character to slide. This is a useful move for taking cover or taking less risk when attacking, but it can also be used to fall down slopes faster. This will come in handy if you are running into a new circle or need to gain speed for some other reason, although it is less recommended if you need to move horizontally. Analyze the risks and rewards of this maneuver before doing it, because it is very situational.

The color of the damage As in many other games, in Apex Legends you can see the damage that your shots generate when they hit the target. Here, the color of the text also reveals key information that can help you decide whether or not you should keep shooting. Red means that your opponent has no armor. White, which has a level 1 armor. If they come out in blue, you're hitting a level 2 armor. In purple, the armor is level 3. And if they come out in yellow, then you're shooting at the head.

Revive Yourself When downed, you can't shoot and move much slower, but for a few seconds you can hang on to life while holding an elevated protective shield. Like all Apex Legends gear, it has several levels of rarity and if you get a legendary one, you will have the chance to revive yourself. This is particularly useful for turning the tables in desperate situations where your team is at a clear disadvantage, but you should keep in mind that while you revive you will not be protected by the shield.