More Valkyria Chronicles games in the West? Sega asks about it

They are currently working on Valkyria: Azure Revolution for PlayStation 4.

"If another game in the series Valkyria Chronicles was it to be published, how likely is it that you will buy it? "This is one of the questions with which [b] Sega [Ib] seeks to analyze the interest of Western players in this beloved series of role-playing and strategy adventures born on PlayStation 3.

The survey, which you can complete at this link, comes shortly after the premiere of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on PlayStation 4. At the time, this classic featured an exclusive PSP sequel that in the future could be adapted to PS4 and PC, and a third video game also for the Sony laptop that never came out of Japan.

Currently Sega is also preparing the launch of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which has not specified its plans for the western market.