Marvel: The success of Batman: Arkham is an inspiration for Spider-Man

The studio wants to "go further" with a video game that captures the essence of the wall-crawler.

It has been one of the most repeated comments. The promising PlayStation 4 Spider-Man recalls the adventures of the Dark Knight in the hit series Batman: Arkham, and this is something that neither one's own Marvel intends to hide.

"Personally I am a big fan of the Arkham series", assures one of the top positions of the publisher, Mike Jones; "I'm a huge fan of what DC and Rocksteady have done with Batman, creating a unique franchise that moves away from the movies and comics" based on this character. Due to its game mechanics, story and how it takes advantage of the Dark Knight universe, continues the manager, the series "is an absolute and innovative success not only as an action game, but as an experience In herself".

"Even if you take Batman out of the equation, it would still be mandatory to enjoy these games." For all this, he explains, Rocksteady's work has been an inspiration for Marvel. "They inspired us to work with our characters and trust that the uniqueness of each of them is really what will make their gameplay compelling. It really is something that challenges and inspires us," adds Jones.

"What is essential to creating a great Spider-Man story? And what does it really matter to tell it from Peter Parker's point of view?" These are the big questions with which Insomniac and Marvel have begun to work on this ambitious action video game for PS4, and it is something that is also repeated with the title of The Avengers on which Tomb Raider authors Crystal Dynamics work.

Jones emphasizes, yes, that they are not "trying to copy" Rocksteady's particular style. "We love Arkham games and this healthy competition inspires us, but we also want to evolve and do better."