Mario Kart tops sales in Japan

Eight Nintendo console titles in the top 10.

Follow Nintendo's console software hegemony in the top sellers in Japan. Last week, from April 28 to May 4, it was again Mario Kart Wii who held the first position of the classification, with little more than 170,000 copies sold.

The second place was for the only PlayStation Portable video game present in the ranking, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, at a respectable distance of 70,000 units. With 93,000, in third position, Link's Crossbow Training Wii, the only new entry on the list; while to reach another game that is not from a Nintendo console, you would have to go back to the eighth position to find Valkyria Chronicles for PlayStation 3.

Here are the top 10 in full:
01. [WII] Mario Kart Wii - 173,000
02. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - 102,000
03. [WII] Link’s Crossbow Training - 93,000
04. [WII] Wii Fit - 52,000
05. [NDS] Taiko Drum Master DS: Seven Island Adventure - 42,000
06. [NDS] Pokémon Ranger: Batonnage - 31,000
07. [NDS] We’re Fossil Diggers - 27,000
08. [PS3] Valkyria Chronicles - 24,000
09. [WII] Deca Sporta - 24,000
10. [WII] Wii Sports - 22,000

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