Magikarp Jump and other strange Pokémon video games

Racing, microphones, strategy and mysteries, anything goes in Pokémon!

We are finalizing the analysis of the newly released Pokémon mobile phones: Magikarp Jump. It has been inevitable to think about the strangeness of the video game itself and that the prominence has fallen on one of the clumsiest pokémon in the wide list of pocket monsters. That is why we wanted to take a walk through the history of the franchise to learn about other strange titles that had nothing to do with hunting and fighting Pokémon.

What will surprise you the most? That the license has given a lot, and that despite the fact that in some cases they have wanted to abuse the series and its success too much, the reality is that they have also managed to create some very interesting experiences that are remembered today.


Pokémon Dash! How about enjoying Pokémon races and knowing which is the fastest pocket monster? Evil? Naturally! The development also based its action on hitting the Nintendo DS Stylus on the bottom of your Pokémon so that they could move faster through the loose circuits that were invented for the present nonsense. We can't think of a video game that better represents what it means to be a poor launch title for a new console.


Hey you, Pikachu! Another Nintendo 64 video game that joins the list. A very ambitious project at the time: it allows you to talk to Pikachu himself through a microphone that was included with the software. Of course, it never came out in Spanish, which complicated its appearance and enjoyment in our territory. A somewhat childish game? Maybe: the adults had a similar title called Seaman on the Dreamcast, but we don't have enough space to explain everything we would like to say about Sega's work. Was it a Pokémon? No, but it could have been.


Pokémon Snap How about photographing pokémon in their natural surroundings in a game on rails? Perhaps such a stupid idea has never come together so well; perhaps it was the circumstance of the success of the brand in 1999, the technology that it exhibited in Nintendo 64 or that, indeed, it hid an interesting challenge. What no one can deny Pokémon Snap is that it ended up becoming one of the most beloved cartridges of the machine and an eternal request for a sequel by fans. Why was the format not taken advantage of on Wii U? It was a perfect platform!


Detective Pikachu It's a concept that got out of hand from its very introduction: the title turns the electric rat into a detective. We will have to help you in different cases, with interrogations, interviews or investigation of clues. The idea was liked so much that Legendary Films, who were in charge of the Warcraft movie or Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, got the rights to make a film that even already has a director: Rob Letterman. It is produced by Universal and, as incredible as it may sound, the cartridge has not even reached our territory yet. Will we see the movie before the game?

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