Street Fighter 5 servers return to normal, although they suffer from specific problems

Some players continue to complain of the inability to find games or often "fall" from them.

Today Street Fighter V has been released and, as is unfortunately more and more customary in recent big releases, it has done so with server problems due to the number of fans who have tried to connect simultaneously.

The Japanese company Capcom has already made public that they are working on it and, in fact, throughout tonight there has already been some cut in the servers due to maintenance work that has already returned to normal. But the truth is that some fans continue to protest angrily, especially in certain regions that do not appear to affect, for example, our country where the tests we have carried out with the title have not produced incidents.

The study has shared messages of reassurance on the Twitter account exclusively created to report the status of online games, since many continue to experience problems accessing the online or even disconnections.

Recall that Toni Piedrabuena already warned of some of these on-line problems for the video game of Capcom in the analysis that we published yesterday about the expected new installment of the fighting saga.