Those responsible for This War of Mine critical of PS2 game emulation on PS4: "It will fail"

The study 11 bit Studios believe that there is no interest in this functionality.

This War of Mine was one of the surprise games last year, and recently we have seen the premiere of its new version This War of Mine: The Little Ones and an interview with Karol Zajaczkowski, one of its marketing managers, in which he talks about what he look like PlayStation 2 digital games in Playstation 4.

"The thing is, that can only be of interest to, what do I know ... 5% of the owners of a PlayStation 4?" Zajaczkowski wonders in words collected by the GamingBolt portal. "That is why, in my opinion, will fail in the end. Of course it will be available as a feature, but as soon as people realize there is no money in it the developers will stop doing it and will stop adding games to their catalog. "