The first must-have maps of Far Cry Arcade

Fans already squeeze the Far Cry 5 map editor with creations as fun as these.

Just a few weeks after the release of Far cry 5, the players of this new chapter in the Ubisoft saga are creating a strong user community dedicated to unlocking the creative possibilities of Far Cry Arcade. This complete scenario editor allows you to create maps using elements of different games in the franchise and share them with the rest of the fans through their own website and the arcade machines distributed throughout the game.

These creations present fun challenges and craziness of all kinds, and invite fans to experience Far Cry 5 in a new way, beyond the campaign or multiplayer modes. We present a selection with some of the best created to date so that you do not stop trying them.


Infernus Dragon Author: longridr
Medieval fantasy, with castles and dragons included, are the protagonists of this other 'deathmatch' map that will almost make you feel like Skyrim again.


FarCry 5 Battlegrounds Author: FrodoSwagg
We start with 'deathmatch' which is a clear tribute to one of the most successful 'battle royale' games: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The objective is clear: to be the last player standing.


John Wick Home Invasion Author: ZAW3607
Inspired by the action movies starring Keanu Reeves, this game recreates the famous scene of the robbery of John Wick's house. You can play this map alone or cooperatively. Are you as good with guns as Keanu?


LOL Author: FreeClupac
Why complicate life? A lot of guns and a lot of people in one hole is all you need. It's perfect for undemanding laughs and many minutes of fun tormenting the poor wretches of the well with impunity.


Neon Gladiators Author: Ubisoft
"Disco" atmosphere for this scenario designed to be enjoyed with your friends that is inspired by those team games in which laser weapons are fired while running through corridors dimly lit by neon lights.


Oasis Author: Knieplatte
One of the highest rated maps by players on the platform. Not only is it pretty, it's beautifully designed so you can have fun with your friends. A must have from Far Cry Arcade.


Safe haven Author: Ubisoft
During the first days of the platform's life, this map was one of the most downloaded by users. A good pick to whet your appetite for what Arcade has to offer.


Showdown Author: cjager
A map with the flavor of a cinematic 'western', with the typical long and dusty streets of the villages that serve as the scene for the duels between rustlers and outlaws in the midday sun.


Sunken city Author: Ubisoft
Another map signed by Ubisoft itself and that has become one of the most played on the platform. It is a masterclass on level design given by those responsible for the game and which demonstrates the extent to which spectacular content can be created using this tool.


The Facility Author: Gypo1428
Tribute map to the legendary Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007, done in detail, even with the correct enemy locations and low-res wall textures we all remember and love from 1997.


Welcome home Author: Silverish
"Less is more" is a typical tenet of terror, and this simple map, extremely well done, takes advantage of it. Just 5 delicious minutes in which you must survive a psychopath, a horde of zombies and a furious moose.

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