Kratos' new moves in God of War

The recent trailer released at Paris Games Week gives a glimpse of Kratos' war skills.

The new trailer published yesterday by Sony for God of War, although brief, allows us to see Kratos in action again, starring in a fight that has given us new movements that show that The Ghost of Sparta is still an unstoppable killing machine.

The first change for the action, very evident and already discussed, is that of the camera, now positioned behind Kratos' back. Once engaged in the fight, the ax takes center stage in the fights. This weapon replaces the famous Swords of Olympus, and as practical in melee as it is useful in ranged. The blows of this weapon are accompanied by a luminous effect that seems to betray certain magical characteristics of the ax related to ice. Kratos can also throw the ax to attack distant enemies and retrieve it again, as if it were a lethal boomerang. It results from an ability that we have already seen in previous gameplays, and that also serves to interact with elements of the stage. In this new video we can see how throwing the ax we release objects that hang from the ceiling of the room and that when they fall to the floor they create an explosion that kills our rivals.

Another quick detail is that Atreus is actively engaged in combat. In this scene he shoots an arrow at the back of the Draugr closest to Kratos, which initiates a brutal sequence of blows. The camera zooms in on the action to show in greater detail the impact of the elbow against the face of this enemy and how Kratos then throws his body against another opponent. This is another example of several new mechanics in action that require synchronization between father and son, as already explained after the video released at E3.

Since its origins, the God of War saga has been presented as an atypical “hack and slash” where the spectacular nature of the combat was integrated into a fluid gameplay and accessible mechanics that rewarded the most skilled players. The new proposal from Sony Santa Monica has changed the approach that the player will take to the action, which has generated as many critical comments as in defense. We will have to wait until early 2018 to see to what extent this review of the gameplay is up to the graphic evolution of the title.

If you want to see other novelties of God of War, also related to combat, be sure to review the new arsenal that Kratos will enjoy in his new adventure.