The best trailers of the week

Extensive gameplays, musical themes, returns of iconic characters ... The most outstanding videos.

With a beginning of the week marked by the hangover of PAX East 2017, where we had the opportunity to see the next DLC of Final Fantasy XV, or enjoy good background music with Friday 13th: The Game, these days left among its highlights the return of one of the industry's most beloved icons: Sonic. The blue hedgehog presented his dark new adventure in society: Sonic forces. We were also able to see several highly-made cinematic trailers: Sniper Ghost Warriors 3 Y The Surge.

Final Fantasy XV - Episode Gladiolus Trailer: PAX East 2017

Did you want to play more Final Fantasy XV? In just over a week the first downloadable content of the video game will land, also willing to allow us to play with one of Noctis' battle companions, Gladio, in an adventure of three estimated hours of duration where Square Enix explains how this character abandoned his group to be stronger, training with Cor to achieve that goal. In the next few months other protagonists of the role-playing title will receive their DLC, but for now here is a gameplay trailer.

Friday the 13th: The Game'Killer 'Trailer PAX East 2017

Who hasn't spent a night at home watching a Friday the 13th movie? Jason Voorhees is back, this time in the form of a video game, but without giving up one iota of what he does best: kill, kill and kill. With Friday the 13th: The Game a player will have the opportunity to become the famous villain and end the lives of other users in the role of advisers. And there will be few executions present in the multiplayer horror video game. Don't you believe us? Put on your headphones, listen and attend to this bloody repertoire.

Mass Effect: AndromedaGameplay Series: Multiplayer

The wait comes to an end, and this coming week we will see if Mass Effect: Andromeda manages to finish off a march for the history of the video game. Bioware's science fiction adventure has left numerous content in recent days, both in the form of text and video, and among all of them this week we find a gameplay development diary where the Canadian studio explains the multiplayer aspect of its RPG: "a Cooperative mode that encourages and rewards teamwork to take down growing hordes of enemies. "

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Story Trailer: Brothers

Behind any explosive action adventure there may be a good script capable of hooking the player. Will Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 make it? At the moment, and with the sniper rifle video game released on April 25, CI Games has presented a trailer that offers a preview of the close relationship that Jon and Robert North have, in a story about brotherhood and faith in one land ravaged by a bloody civil war asking the following questions: who has captured Jon's brother? And did he want to be captured?

Sonic Forces First Gameplay

The Sonic SXSW Panel served SEGA to leave new news about the expected return, and twice, of the blue hedgehog this 2017. On the one hand we have Sonic mania and its commitment to the most classic action of the series to launch this summer on PC and consoles; but by another way, for the same platforms and in a more modern bet we find Sonic Forces. The game left two videos, a cinematic one where he simply exposed his return, and another of a more in-game nature where we can see some of the mechanics of the new title.

The SurgeStronger, Faster, Tougher

CREO is not a simple company, it is a way of life ... After this presentation, the blows come! The Surge was the protagonist this week, first confirming its release date for May 16, and second with a powerful cinematic trailer where it makes clear the premises of the video game: visceral hand-to-hand combat against huge machines equipped with a heavy exoskeleton in a complex destroyed. That first thing sounds interesting, and the video draws attention. Will the creators of Lords of the Fallen achieve a good result?

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