Fans create a sequel to New Super Mario Bros for DS

It has more than 80 levels, reuses materials from the original and has its own others and has a first trailer.

The classic Super Mario Bros., of the legendary portable game console DS, already has a sequel, but this one is not official but is carried out by fans. Is about Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, a game that is now available to download from the group's official website for Windows, Mac or Linux.

The mod in question is a new adventure with more than 80 levels for the 2006 classic, one that recovers some materials and textures from that one but also features plenty of new work, some unreleased playable mechanics and a soundtrack that debuts with veteran compositions and others that will also surprise users.

The video game has been created using the New Super Mario Bros Editor, a very common and popular tool among the community, and requires having an emulator compatible with Windows, which makes its legality frankly doubtful and, possibly, end up being a victim of the legal department of Nintendo as were other video games from fans such as an unauthorized remake of Metroid 2.