Sony studios in San Diego and London suffer layoffs

From Sony they report that it is a "natural" restructuring process to adapt to "current and future needs."

After completing the development of PlayStation VR Worlds, a collection of games for virtual reality including London Heist and The Deep, the Sony team in London has suffered a reduction in staff as part of an internal restructuring process confirmed by the Japanese company itself.

The number of London Studio employees who have lost their jobs has not been made public, but Sony does warn that they will help all of them find new jobs. "The London Studio has done a great job paving the way for the development of Virtual Reality, but with the completion of its first project it is time to move on to the next one," reads the official statement.

"The team will use all the experience and what it has learned to move forward, but to achieve its ambitious goals it will have to restructure according to the needs of its new projects."

On the other hand, layoffs have also been reported in Sony San Diego, the team in charge among others of the popular baseball game MLB: The Show. "We continually evaluate equipment to make sure we have the appropriate resources to offer innovative products in a competitive environment," say the Japanese. "As projects are completed, it is natural to review and restructure teams based on current and future needs."

Apparently, no one from the MLB: The Show team has been fired, but the Polygon portal reports that the casualties would be around 40 and 50 employees. One of these, who has refused to give his name to avoid harming himself in the face of looking for a new job, says he was working on Kill Strain and on another unannounced project. From what is implied, Kill Strain will continue in the hands of an external study.