The creators of the System Shock remake in talks to bring it to PlayStation 4

The video game is already very close to meeting its financing conditions in the absence, still, of 27 days.

In recent times, the long-awaited System Shock - Remake is current, and although its Kickstarter it's going from strength to strength and it has already collected $ 651,000 At the time of writing this news, of the 900,000 it has as its goal with 27 days still to go, the title is news today for something else.

Nightdive studios, the development team, has made it clear that it is in discussions with Sony to bring the video game to Playstation 4, and they promise "more news" in the near future about this possibility. Remember that the game is intended for PC, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

The CEO of the company, in addition, has taken the opportunity to attack the fans for the support received. "I am sitting at my table after the first day of financing and it is very difficult for me to convey in words how grateful I am to all those who have given us their support in the last 24 hours.