Until Dawn creators aren't working on a sequel, but they do want similar projects

The Supermassive Entertainment team acknowledges that there is "a lot of speculation" surrounding what they are up to today.

The team of Supermassive entertainment He has spoken with the GamesIndustry portal about his recent intention to work on multiplatform productions that we announced to you a few days ago, and he has done so to give some clues about how his future projects could be oriented.

"There's a lot of speculation about what we're doing right now," said Pete Samuels, one of the team's directors. "We do not work on Until Dawn 2 right now, we are developing other things. "

Of course one of them is that expected Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PlayStation VR, but ... what about the rest? "We want to push these types of cinematic experiences with a strong narrative load to the limit, whether they are horror or not, and we want to do it on other platforms as well," he said. "The change of idea is due to the success of Until Dawn, we felt that we had achieved something and that it was a step forward but only the first as a studio and as a developer."

"It seems that the logical thing for us is to make and expand similar experiences, but the differences depend on the IP, the publisher, the platform ... And that is what we want, and that is what we are focused on ... In doing what we did with our previous video game and taking it further, "he continued, talking about the multiplatform nature of what will be his next video game. "We know that we have done something good and we all like it and we are proud, but the feedback we received, the criticism, the sales ... Yes, it could have put us in a better place. "