The creators of Until Dawn are working on several exclusives for PlayStation

Although they are now working on The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, which will be multiplatform.

Until Dawn

Some users were surprised and others were happy to learn that The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, the next video game of Supermassive, was to be distributed by Bandai namco and it was going to be multiplatform. Did the relationship with Sony Y PlayStation after the hits of Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda or The Inpatient? Nothing is further from the truth: The boss of the company, Pete samuels, explained that "our relationship with Sony remains excellent."

So much so that “we are working on several unannounced PlayStation exclusives. We cannot talk about them in detail. The Dark Pictures is different: we wanted to present our work to the largest possible audience, so we needed to release it on various platforms, ”he explained to the Russian media 4PD.RU. It remains to wait for future events in which Supermassive can reveal new projects, whether they are for PS4, PS Link, PS VR or the future PlayStation 5.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, of which Samuels himself is a producer, comes out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on a date to be specified next year 2019. He will try to bring terror to territories unexplored by video games. Feel free to enjoy our preview of The Dark Pictures to find out what awaits you in the game.