The creators of The Order: 1886 are eager to show their new video game

Ready at Dawn opens luxurious new offices and prepares to publicly show their next project.

Since the release of The Order: 1886, the boys of Ready at Dawn they have lowered the budget level of their works somewhat. Since that blockbuster they have released more modest titles like Lone Echo or De-formers, among others. However, that has not stopped them from trying to improve.

In this same framework, they have presented not only the first images of their new studio, which they just released a couple of days ago, but they have also given some brief clues about the future of the studio.

"Thank you all for your best wishes and also for the love you have publicly shown for The Order: 1886," stated Ru Weerasiruya, founder of the studio. "We have many desire to teach you what's next from Ready at Dawn. For now, we're totally into the Lone Echo 2 and Echo Arena in Oculus Quest. "

Recently, in fact, we have spoken to you about the denied possibility that The Order: 1886 is going to have a sequel.