The creators of The Division would work on a Battle Royale

Its development would have started back in January, and it would be sheltered from hits like PUBG or Fortnite.

Ubisoft don't want to miss the style video game train Battle royale, and could have commissioned Massive Entertainment the development of a title of the same profile that, in fact, they would have begun to develop in January of this year.

Thus, at least, the GameReactor portal assures it, which explains that we could see some kind of debut trailer for this video game as soon as E3 2018. The launch of this supposed program would not take much longer, and it should be remembered that It is a type of playable mode that does not require very long developments. For example, Epic games It took just two months to develop the Battle Royale mode based on the original Fortnite.

The information by which The Division developers would be working on a Battle Royale does not provide many more details about the ins and outs of the production, however it does remember that Massive Entertainment is very busy right now in a The Division 2 that was announced by surprise. few dates ago.