The creators of Randal’s Monday seek to "reinvent the way we understand electronic entertainment" with their new project

Out of the Box is the name given to this enigmatic video game, the work of his new studio Nuclear Tales.

The creators of the fun graphic adventure Randal’s Monday are working on an enigmatic project that goes by the name of Out of the Box, and of which until now not much is known beyond that it promises to "reinvent the way in which we understand electronic entertainment". This project was also born within a new independent study baptized as Nuclear Tales.

"If you are here surely you will already know who we are and what we do, but it never hurts to make a small summary", you can read on its Facebook page. "We are the creators of Randal's Monday and we have become independent. We are developing a new video game that will reinvent the way we understand electronic entertainment ... or maybe not, but we will try."

Without images or a clear idea of ​​what is to come, the creators of Out of the Box promise to offer news about this video game in the "coming weeks", as their intention is to release their new work before the end of this year.