The creators of Ark recommend Sony to create an Early Access program for PlayStation 4

They recently commented that they would like to release their game ahead of time on the Sony console.

If you have followed the news of ARK: Survival Evolved you will be aware that those in charge recently chatted on Twitter about their desire to premiere the video game in some type of program Early Access of Playstation 4, although at the moment there is nothing similar. They recently delved into it in an interview with Gamespot.

"We are very excited about PlayStation 4, but I wish Sony had an Early Access program as there are many people asking for it," said a spokesperson for the studio, its creative director Jesse Rapczak. "Ark is in a status that does not allow us to release it on that console until it is finished or until there is a program there that allows us to do so."

"It's a bit weird to say, but I think the players of Sony They are going to benefit in a very important way from the Early Access of Xbox One. And, although they are different platforms, the two are consoles and have many similarities, "he explained. “All the feedback we get from Xbox will be great for whatever console the game appears on afterwards. But you know, I ask any PlayStation fan to ask Sony for a program of this kind and, perhaps, this way they will let our game be in an initiative of the Early Access type ”.