The Technomancer authors saddened by the current state of the RPG genre

They claim that there are fewer and fewer studios doing role-playing games.

The French study of Spiders is currently working on GreedFall, an action role-playing video game strongly focused on the world's reactions to our decisions. The team, in the framework of the promotional phase of this, have spoken about the current state of the RPG genre.

Asked about the role's health status, they stated the following. "There aren't many studios making these kinds of games today anymore. Even BioWare has stopped making them, and it's something that makes me deeply saddened because it's what I like to play the most," said Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of the studio. "I love playing them. And I think that's why we focus on this genre."

"Of course, it is likely that we have made some mistakes in our games, but we want to give the fans everything we can," said the executive in a few words collected by the WccfTech portal. "We want to allow players to experience a new universe, new stories, craft their equipment, change weapons, and fight strange creatures ... And not just giant spiders and huge rats. You know, we try to offer something fresh and novel. ".

The new RPG project was scheduled to launch this year, however GreedFall has suffered a delay and will wait a little longer than initially announced.

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