Spec Ops: The Line Authors Present The Cycle

It is an open world action video game that will be released first on PC and later also on consoles.

The creators of the remarkable Spec Ops: The Line have unveiled The Cycle, a new science fiction-themed action video game that proposes us to explore a strange alien world, Fortuna III, while we fulfill all kinds of commissions per game with an estimated duration about 20 minutes, as that will be the time it takes for storms to turn the environment into deadly territory.

In this video game of Yager We have a wide arsenal of firearms and equipment with which to protect ourselves from the dangers that lurk in the world of The Cycle. With the credits and resources that we obtain during the game we can create new equipment to use in the following adventures. The authors of Dreadnought promise to continue adding new content over time.

The Cycle plans to start its alpha testing phase very soon. At the moment it will be released on PC but the Yager team also wants to bring its action to consoles.