Call of the Sea Authors Detail Game Enhancements on Xbox Series X

The Spanish puzzle adventure will be optimized in 4K and 60 fps for the Microsoft console.

Call of the Sea was one of the surprises that one of the past Microsoft events left us. This first-person puzzle adventure has been developed by the Spanish studio Out of the Blue and is expected to land on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X later this year.

Microsoft is conducting a series of interviews to bring us a little closer to what their video games will look like on Xbox Series X. This time around, Manuel Fernandez, co-founder and programmer of the Out of the Blue studio has provided new details on the optimization of Call of the Sea in this new console.

The studio wants the game to look like a next-gen title "With the feature Smart Delivery You will always have access to the best version of the game, "said Fernández." Share settings and games between different systems. That makes you design the game thinking as a whole and not as something that is tied to a single platform. On the other hand, the power and performance of Xbox Series X will allow us to offer the game to beautiful 4K at 60 fps, taking advantage of the game's rich environments and making the art really shine, "said the creative.

Additionally, Fernández also claims that while the game's art style is quite quirky, the team is striving to bring him a state-of-the-art look with visual effects in every scene. "With DirectX Raytracing, we will have the opportunity to make the island even more present, it almost comes to life. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning island environments in beautiful 4K, allowing for more immersion and an overall better experience. "

Also, let's remember that, thanks to Smart Delivery, it will not be necessary to buy the game again on Xbox Series X if we already have it on One and want to enjoy the improvements. Do not miss this list of titles that will arrive on Xbox Series X optimized to know what awaits us in the new generation of Microsoft.

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