Prey's aliens wanted to avoid platitudes

"We wanted to avoid what we refer to as 'orcs with laser guns'."

Ricardo Bare, one of the chief designers of Arkane studios For the Prey development, he spoke to the official Bethesda blog about some of the more exciting design features of the creatures that we will face in the first person shooter.

"We wanted to avoid what Raphael Colantonio calls 'orcs with laser guns'. We didn't want to make blaster soldiers or slimy, gooey monsters. We wanted to evoke something more mysterious, unfathomable and paranormal," Bare explains. "It took us a long time to find what we were looking for: Typhoon's body is amorphous. It is difficult to corner them. They are intimidating and make you think: 'I don't want to know what that creature is thinking.'

Behind them is an entire ecosystem: "Mimetics are the basis of the Typhon species," adds Raphael Colantonio, the creative director. "The function of the mimetics is to explore. They hide and gather energy when they feed on living things, in this case, humans. When they have enough energy, some mimetics come together and create something called 'Weaver'. The mimetics attack the humans and drain their consciousness, their vital essence. That in turn allows the mimetics to multiply ", comments, for his part, again Bare. "Then, the weavers they find the remains left by the mimetics, mere dried corpses, and turn them into guardian creatures, ghosts, who protect the rest of the aliens. "

"At some point, the Typhoons detect an anomaly, something that resists them more than anything they have fought up to then," continues Colantonio when referring to the protagonist. "You are a problem. In other words, you are a virus. They develop something called`nightmare´, designed to hunt you down, find you and kill you. "

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