60fps might not be enough for proper use of PlayStation VR

A talk by one of the Sony technicians warns that the recommended, at least, is 90fps.

The developments of virtual reality in the current generation console of Sony they have been a reality for months. In a talk during the Montreal International Game Summit 2015, the senior technical manager of Sony Computer Entertainment, Vernon Harmon, has talked about the limitations of PlayStation VR and has highlighted some minimums when developing for the expected device compatible with Playstation 4.

It seems that the minimum stability should be at a stable 60fps, although it is recommended that they be stable 90fps. Harmon himself explained the reasons: "Any loss of frames, in addition to interrupting the virtual experience itself, can cause discomfort in the player". Apparently in one of the slides of the presentation, it seems that even the stable 60fps would not be valid for all games.

PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus, has no date or price yet.