The 50 characters of the King of Fighters XIV could have been leaked

It is not the first time it happens. The seen matches other known clues in the past.

It may not have had the best reception in the world in its presentation, but The King of Fighters XIV, as time goes by, shows better reasons to become a fighting game to be reckoned with on PlayStation 4. According to a latest leak discovered by the American portal Shoryuken, an image would reveal the fifty characters that will make up the roster of fighters in the game of SNK Playmore.

They are many of those already known throughout the franchise, but some of the characters coincide with fighters who had already been revealed in hypothetical past leaks. It highlights the amount of news that will be and that, in fact, will debut in the SNK fighting franchise par excellence. Among them, some characters from the category of Nakoruru, one of the main protagonists of the series Samurai spirits.

Reasons to believe in the leak? The confirmation of characters like Tung-Fu Rue or Choi, recently announced by the company. Among the novelties would be a team made up of South American wrestlers, a new girl for the women's team or the teacher and the wife of Kim Kaphwan in the new South Korean team. Geese Howard, mythical villain of Fatal FuryHe would also have his own threesome. Choi and Chang will form a squad with a new unknown criminal.

There will be 16 teams of three characters, counting the final bosses, there are 50 fighters at the player's disposal. The premiere is expected to take place during this year 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.