The 5 most interesting free games that have come out this week

Let it Die's action is one of the most outstanding novelties.

One more week in 3D Games We present the five most interesting free games that have been released in recent days, with proposals as striking as the popular one Let it die, which after passing through the circuits of PS4 now premieres on PC, or Dark eclipse, the first MOBA for Sony's console that takes advantage of the virtual reality of PlayStation VR. Wanting to enjoy yourself in front of the PC or consoles without investing a single penny? Keep reading that some of these titles may be of interest to you.

Let it die

After its successful time on PS4, the roguelike action video game Let it Die is released on PC to challenge players with its brutal battles against a picturesque cast of monsters and the most striking characters such as Uncle Death, or the psychopaths of the band of the Jackals. With its commitment to hack'n slash action, this Suda 51 video game proposes us to explore dungeons using a varied arsenal of weapons while suffering the attacks of the enemies. Let it Die on Steam also features a curious asynchronous player versus player multiplayer mode.

Dark eclipse

The first PlayStation 4 MOBA to support PS VR virtual reality. This is how Dark Eclipse is presented, a video game that pits us against other players in a post-apocalyptic world of dark fantasy. In this title we take control of three leaders, with their own abilities, whom we will guide through the battlefield by taking them and throwing them wherever they are needed. Dark Eclipse promises to break the traditional limits of a 2D screen by offering a different perspective on the popular MOBA genre. You can find it for free on the PlayStation Store.

Meet the Miner - WDR VR Bergwerk

Put yourself in the shoes of a miner in this curious virtual reality experience that takes you deep under the earth, hundreds of meters below the surface, to learn in detail what the work of miners was like a century ago. "You can experience how dangerous and exhausting life was for miners 100 years ago," reads the description of this title that you can find on Steam.

Heavy Metal Machines

Yet another MOBA, you might think, but Heavy Metal Machines promises a different gaming experience by putting yourself in command of cars with which you will race and compete at breakneck speeds. The objective is to drop a bomb at the base of the opposing team, for which you will have the support of three more friends in online multiplayer. Each character has their own abilities, as well as weapons and personal history. You can play Heavy Metal Machines for free on Steam.

Monster Hunter Stories: The Adventure Begins

If you're not sure if the world of Monster Hunter Stories is worth the jump, Capcom lets you enjoy a comprehensive trial version of this action adventure that originally debuted on Nintendo 3DS, and now just landed on iOS and Android. Monster Hunter Stories: The Adventure Begins presents a small portion of this colorful action video game that proposes you to capture and train monsters instead of hunting them as is usual in the saga. Your progress in the demo can carry over to the final game if you choose to purchase it.

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