Locations to loot silver bars in Far Cry 5

Complete guide with all the locations to get free silver bars.

If you've stopped by the Far Cry 5 store to browse what's on offer, you've probably already seen that the weapons, clothing, and vehicles in the catalog are available from silver bullion. These are the premium currency of the game, and there are several ways to get them: of course, you can use your credit card and unlock the ones you want, but if you prefer not to spend on microtransactions, in this guide we indicate the location of the stash with silver bullion from the game.

And since we are talking about caches, it is worth emphasizing that you will have to open the stash door as best you can, and there is a certain margin of freedom. If you have the skill of a locksmith, you can pick the lock. If not, you can also blow up the door with explosives or find the key.

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John Hay Region a couple of locations with caches in John's region. The first one is in the Fall's End garage, in a small building near Redler Creek Church. You will recognize the building by the "Oil change & Wheel alignments" sign. He's behind a soda machine.

The other is in the hangar of the Seed Estate, a cult outpost that you must free from the control of the Seed family. You will find it to the left of the plane, behind a gate. Lean on the nearby boxes to pass it over the top.

Jacob's region Jacob's region hidden three stash. You will find them in a corner of the F.A.N.G. office. Center, near the Whitetail Park Forest Center Information Center (southwest of the F.A.N.G. Center) and in a small white building at the Rojita Radar Station, on the western edge of the area.

Faith region There is only a stash in the Faith region. It is located at the Lorna Truck Stop, a border post west of the Hope County Jail that you must clear. You will find the stash inside a building with a sign that says 'Lubertine'.