Locate all the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2

A guide to hunting down the rarest creatures in Rockstar's game.

Equipping Arthur Morgan with the best weapons, horses, and consumables are part of Red Dead Redemption 2's everyday life, but talismans play a key role as well. And to gain their powers, you must first hunt down the rarest creatures in the Wild West. In this guide, we reveal the location of all legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, including some clues to get out of the contest.

As you know, normally when hunting animals in RDR 2 you must take into account two factors: one, the physical state of the animal; and two, the kind of death you give him. A clean shot to the head almost always guarantees better skin and meat. But when you go for legendary animals, forget about all that. Equip yourself powerful weapons and do not be afraid to fill the body of your prey with shrapnel, killing him is the absolute priority and it doesn't have much to do with the rewards you really want to get from them.

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At 3DJuegos we have prepared a map showing the whereabouts of each legendary creature. You can see it below, but if you use a small or standard resolution monitor, we recommend that you download it to 'zoom'. Once you know where your prey is, head there in the game. You will notice that the digital map updates to indicate that you are in the territory of a legendary animal. At that point, use Eagle Eye mode to find the trail, and follow the trail until you find three types of evidence. When you find all three, the creature will appear to challenge you.

In full combat, you can activate Dead Eye at level 4 to highlight your opponent's weak areas (normally, we talk about the heart, lungs or brain). There is only one legendary animal of each species, so remember to skin it when you kill them. Do you want to be well prepared? Visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons guide and go with the most powerful you have at your fingertips.

Animal and related missionApproximate location
Legendary mooseRoanoke ridge
Legendary pronghornDel Lobo Rock
Legendary white bisonIsabella Lake
Legendary bison TatankaHennigan 'Stead
Legendary Giant Alligator (mission "Country Hunts")Bayou Nwa
Legendary Mouflon RamCattail Pond
Legendary CastoraButcher creek
Legendary male deerStrawberry
Legendary coyoteScarlett meadows
Legendary boarBluewater Swamp
Legendary wolfSpring of the Parakeet
Legendary brown bear Bharati (mission "Sale, pursued by wounded pride")Grizzlies
Legendary Panther Giaguaro (Master Hunter Challenge 9)Lemoyne
Legendary cougarGaptooth Ridge
Legendary UapitiBacchus Station
Legendary bitchRhodes