Locate all 9 graves in Red Dead Redemption 2

An essential guide to get 100% of the story.

The 9 tombs in Red Dead Redemption 2 are one of the many types of collectibles that you must collect to complete 100% of the story mode, an objective that we could consider the main long-term goal of any complete player. If you're into it right now, you're probably interested in also considering how to get all the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign gold medals.

Please note that you cannot visit the graves of your friends before finishing the campaign: you must have reached epilogue 1 at least, to be able to find all of them. Once you meet this condition, simply go to the points marked on the map to pay your respects and memories to other Red Dead Redemption 2 characters.

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Of course, we consider this guide to be the most dangerous on the list of requirements when it comes to 'spoilers' is concerned, so we have decided not to put the names of the characters who die here. As you can see, the attached map below only shows the location of each grave, so you will discover the script for yourself during the course of the game.