Filling the spaces in the history of the Street Fighter is "more complex" than the Star Wars saga

Yoshinori Ono, the director of the fighting saga, explained that this time they have turned to it.

Street fighter v

In an interview with the VentureBeat portal, the prestigious creative Yoshinori Ono, has spoken about the last great work he is preparing, a spectacular Street Fighter V that is getting closer and closer to its launch, scheduled for February 16.

"Many people in the press and many fans have said that it was about time that the street fighter saga had a true history experience. We have all that around like movies and anime, so it was logical that we would finally offer something of that level within the game, "Ono acknowledged." As a result, we talked about that possibility in pre-production, with the idea of ​​turning ourselves into this part. We have noticed Mortal Kombat, since what they have done with their argument has been amazing. "

"Speaking of each fighter, everyone has their own space in time. It is not a cohesive line ... In time first goes Alpha, then Street Fighter II, then Street Fighter IV, then Street Fighter III ... Let's fill in the space between the events of the fourth and third, and that will cover all the holes and create a nice and clear story throughout the entire saga, "he explained. "It's probably a harder job than Star Wars."