Lindsay Lohan fails again in her legal dispute against GTA V

The New York Court rejects the actress's appeal.

Lindsay Lohan

Years after losing her case against Rockstar for misuse of her image in Grand Theft Auto V, the actress Lindsay Lohan has received a new blow from the US justice, which has rejected his appeal, thus definitively closing a case that has dragged on for many years.

The actress charged against Rockstar and Take Two, considering that her image was used to create one of the characters that led to the promotional campaign for GTA V.Before Lohan's appeal, the judge of the New York Court has made it clear that the woman in that advertising campaign is a generic image of a 20-year-old girl who at no time refers to the Hollywood actress.

Therefore, he concludes, there is no legal justification in New York State for Lindsey Lohan to file a lawsuit against Rockstar and its game, GTA V.