PlayStation VR pre-orders exceed Sony's expectations

Jim Ryan from PlayStation Europe says he is "very comfortable" with the price of the device.

The announcement of the price and date of PlayStation VR has more than fulfilled the wishes of Sony, so much so that the questions among the press begin to be about how they will be able to satisfy the demand. "It is difficult to say, the news from the reserves is very encouraging, but I would like to be careful and not extrapolate it to how well we will do in its launch," he explained Jim ryan, CEO of SCE Europe. "The first orders have exceeded our initial expectations," he added in this regard.

These statements arise from an interview with the British portal MCV where their opinion on the price of the product was also asked. "This is very comfortable with the PVP. We think about these types of decisions a lot. We always do, we always try to represent a good value for our prices, and we believe that we have achieved it with PS VR," he explained.

Sony announced its virtual reality device a few weeks ago at the price of 399 euros and a launch dated in October, as well as a pack with the camera and PS Move for 500 dollars. A short time later, the reservation period opened, leaving a barrage of stock depletions in some important businesses such as Amazon.