The protagonists of Star Ocean 5 will also be more covered to avoid sexual controversies in the West

Its developers have spoken and offered their point of view. It is not the first Japanese game to make this decision.

Today we learned of the decision of Blizzard about removing a pose from one of the protagonists of Overwatch, Tracer, considering that it "sexualized". The matter is also being taken into account in Japan, and those involved in the development of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness They have spoken to the Japanese media 4Gamer about it and have confirmed that the protagonists of their work are going to be more dressed than was originally expected in order to avoid problems beyond Japan.

The game of Tri-ace confirmed its European premiere for next June. Your producer, Suichi Kobayashi, has commented that "recently there has been a lot of criticism from western countries. It is not well seen to expose teenage underwear, so we have decided to wear more clothes." He refers to Miki, one of the protagonists, that hinted at her underwear because of a somewhat short skirt that has already been “corrected.” The change has also been made in the Japanese version of the game, to the anger of the fans of the game in their country of origin.

The game designer, Akira Yasuda, a very famous ex in Capcom and the Street Fighter franchise, has also offered his point of view: "There is a trend in games where if you put a character that shows a lot of skin, then you may have to do a lot of revisions on the product itself. The feeling of many is that despite being somewhat sexy, it ends up showing too much ". About Fiore, another scantily clad protagonist, she assures that it is a circumstance of the character himself: "He uses a large number of elements that appear on his skin to cast curses on his enemies."

It is not the first company to make a decision like this: Nintendo has been "very careful" with Fire Emblem and its latest games in recent months, something that raised a bitter controversy between fans of the series and the publisher itself.