The world's greatest Pokémon rarities

The launch of Pokémon turned the world of video games upside down and over the years the franchise has left some really strange anecdotes.

Since the launch of the first games of Gameboy to the card game, through the animated series and the Pokémon GO phenomenon. The Pokémon franchise has revolutionized pop culture around the world, and between stuffed animals, T-shirts, movies and, above all, video games, Pokémon has also starred in some really crazy and extravagant anecdotes in its more than 20 years of history.

The Pokémon culture created by the hand of an entire generation of players who has accumulated shows their love for the franchise, promotional memories, merchandising and advertising campaigns to each more striking. We review some of our favorite anecdotes, and the rarest, of the Pokémon Universe.


Pikachu really exists In the natural world there are many related species of small, furry and endearing mammals called pika. They are known for their shrill calls, large ears, and short legs. And they haven't electrocuted anyone yet that is known. However, they served as the basic idea to create the most famous of the Pokémon: Pikachu. In Japan, the name "Pikachu" works like a pun because "pika" means electricity in Japanese. Put these two ideas together and you have a profitable electric mammal.


Dugtrio's Secret What is hidden under the surface of Diglett and Dugtrio? A creative Pokémon fan dared to answer this question, but the world, perhaps, was not yet ready for it. The true form of this pokémon, hidden under the ground, is that of three muscular humanoids that has become a recurring joke in the networks among fans of the franchise and that has undergone its own evolutions.


Pokémon 747 To help promote the first Pokémon movie, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways decorated part of its fleet with motifs from the franchise.But not only the Boeing were decorated, also the passengers met crew members dressed in Pokémon themed uniforms, Pokémon food, watched Pokémon TV shows and left with a bag of Pokémon souvenirs. Very Pokémon everything.


Terrible realism Pokémon is one of the brands with the highest amount of [i] fanart [/ i] invading the networks. And of course, all fans know that these types of artistic expressions sometimes explore dark corners of the human mind. But without dealing with especially explicit or compromised content, the tendency to represent these creatures as real animals has given us the odd scare.


Nightmare Pikachu The bedroom of Dunnellon collector Belle Starenchak has made it to the Guinness Book of Records, although her record has since been broken. But it has also managed to appear in the nightmares of thousands of fans. How can someone sleep surrounded by so many yellow rodents staring at each other while thinking “who knows what”?

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