Lara's most powerful abilities in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

What are the most spectacular advantages of Lara Croft and what have most caught our attention in the game?

When a video game in the Tomb Raider saga arrives, there are always many things we want to know. However, from the beginning of the survivor trilogy We had been promised that this episode would be the culmination, that we would find here the Lara most similar to the one we all know. An authentic predator which, in addition, is more agile never.

These are the abilities that we have found more powerful and spectacular than Lara Croft In Shadow of the Tomb Raider:

Shadow of The Tomb Raider: What You Need To Know Before Playing

Eagle Claw II

The "corrected and augmented" version of Eagle Claw is really impressive for stealth. With the first we can kill an enemy and automatically hang him from the branches of a tree without making noise, however his companions will be able to see him, detect him and give the alarm signal. If we use the corrected and enlarged version, we will not only do everything else but also hide it in the top of the tree. Spectacular and comes in handy!

Jaguar Terror

This ability, used in conjunction with the Arrows of Fear it can turn us into a veritable killing machine. With these projectiles we can cause chaos among the enemy ranks and cause them to kill each other, with this ability we can prolong the effect longer and wreak havoc on the ranks of our adversaries. Attack from within!

Howl of Saraguato II

Again an improved version of a skill. We had already seen in previous installments Lara Croft shoot more than one arrow at her enemies, in Shadow of the Tomb Raider we see the evolution accomplished by being able to shoot three at the same time at different characters. We mark in a similar way to the Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption, and then we shoot. Three kills in one!

Scales of the Serpent III

The use of herbs has always been important in the last Tomb Raider, and this time we can take it to the limit with this evolved ability to the maximum. We can use concentration plants to improve it and even achieve a slow motion that allows us to aim more comfortably, but if we evolve it completely, we will have the definitive and longer-lasting version.

Cayman lungs

Do you remember that treasure hidden at the bottom of the water that you cannot find because oxygen does not reach you? Holding your breath is essential in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and knowing how to choose the times and rhythm to do so is important to try to cover as much surface as possible. With the different versions of Lungs of Cayman we can increase Lara Croft's lung capacity to impossible extremes.

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