The differences between the version of Fortnite for mobile, PC and consoles

We compare the different versions of the trendy 'battle royale' game.

Epic games has not missed the opportunity to take advantage of the fame of Fortnite and has released versions of the game for almost all platforms. PC, Ps4, One, and mobile devices… But how do they differ from each other? We review some of the major differences between mobile, console and PC versions.

The first difference is clear, but not unimportant: the gameplay. The control system on each of the platforms is, by its nature, very different. Controlling the game with a touch screen is very different from that of a mouse and keyboard. This detail can greatly affect the players and their performance, so it is interesting to consider which operating system is each one most comfortable with. It is always possible to use a command as a 'standard' control to try to make our game as similar as possible regardless of the version.

If we decide to use the predefined game system on phones and tablets, we will have to create new habits, especially in times of more action and during combat, which will be considerably more complex. For example, it will be more difficult to make random moves to help you in during shootouts since the jump button is positioned a bit far from the rest. The construction on the other hand is quite intuitive when playing with a touch screen, and many players may even find it more practical than when using a mouse on PC.

When playing on a mobile server, the user will notice some differences that will help them during their games, such as visual indicators around your character that show you information that is normally heard through sound such as the presence of nearby chests or the actions and movements of other players. Another great help will be the targeting assistance, the opening times of chests and boxes, the automatic opening of doors or the automatic collection of weapons.

With all these small differences in mind, the Cross Play function can bring a whole new level of fun for fans who want to face their toughest opponents regardless of where they prefer to play, but it has a particularly cool feature for fans playing on teams with friends: everyone can participate by playing on the device in which they feel most comfortable.