The animations of The King of Fighters XIV and XIII are practically traced

A comparison of the new and criticized SNK playable iteration with the acclaimed previous one gets surprising results.

The poor reception of the King of Fighters XIV announcement in the past has gone unnoticed by no fighting game fan. Tokyo Game Show. A few days ago a new trailer was shown and fans of the mythical SNK Playmore franchise again showed their general rejection.

Given these facts, the portal specialized in fighting games Shoryuken has echoed a video that compares the animations of the new game with those of the previous one, The King of Fighters XIII, obtaining a rather curious result: the animations of the little It has been seen so far they are practically a copy of the previous ones.

Nobody at SNK Playmore has commented on the similarity that exists between the movements of the last two games. It is known that for the creation of KOF XIII polygonal characters were created that were animated in two dimensions afterwards. Are the developers using those models to make the new game?

The next round of KOF XIV is at the PlayStation Experience next December in San Francisco: Can it rescue users disappointed with the content? Its launch is expected in 2016.