The 7 best weapons in Far Cry 5 and where to get them

Discover cool new weapons or uses for the ones you already have with this guide.

After several weeks fighting against the little saints of the Gate of Eden, we bring you a top 7 of the best weapons in Far Cry 5. To select them, we have taken into account things such as the severity of the situations in which it can be useful to use it , the number of bullets you can carry or — why not — the destruction you can wreak with them.

Before we begin, let's go over the methods you have to increase your arsenal in Far Cry 5, okay? Your main source of weapons will be the store, and obviously you will need in-game dollars to pay for them. However, you can also unlock weapons to use them whenever you want looting the corpse of an enemy that carried it. So far, good; but there are also some more special ones that do not appear in our top and that are obtained in other ways.

Far Cry 5 Specialists and Fighters: Recruit and Make the Most Out of Them

  • Raising the level of resilience for Hope County regions.
  • Killing the Heralds of the Seed family (Jacob, John and Faith).
  • Completing specific missions in each region.

7. Slingshot

Yes, we know that the slingshot may seem like a joke at first, but we assure you that it is no small feat and it could become your favorite weapon. The slingshot allows you to shoot infinity stones, and you can use these to attract the attention of your enemies or shoot them directly. Without protection, a close-up headshot can be fatal. If you need a power boost, by selecting the weapon from the radial menu, you can change its ammunition for arrows, which are deadly at greater distances.

6. RAT4

In general, the RAT4 is very similar to an RPG-7, although with the particularity of being able to guide the missile once launched. In general, a rocket launcher is not very useful because you have other more affordable alternatives to deal with an armor: C4, proximity explosives, dynamite or grenades, among others. But the RAT4 stands out above all this because it allows you to destroy helicopters and fighters with ease, correcting the trajectory of the missile on the fly to miss less and destroy more.

5. M-79

Even if it doesn't have the range of a rocket launcher, the M-79 grenade launcher is one of the best weapons to carry in your inventory. As you know, in Far Cry 5 you spend a lot of time traveling on the road, and very often you will find vehicles with prisoners, resources or sectarian armored parades. Well, for all of them, the answer is a good grenade that blows aluminum up in the air.

4. Magnopulsor

If we tell you that it is an alien weapon, surely you already want to get hold of it, although the truth is that in combat it is nothing to write home about: it has a limited range and there are certain objectives that do not take any damage from it. Among its advantages you find that it does not use conventional ammunition to function and that it allows you to play with the physics of Far Cry 5. And there things are more interesting, because you can do things like catapult bears, overturn vehicles or vaporize people. To get it, you will have to first finish all of Larry Parker's side missions. We leave you with a guide for it, you're welcome!

3. Recurve bow

Although your quiver is quite limited, the truth is that arrows are easily one of the best types of ammunition in the game. The list of advantages they have is enormous: the animals you hunt with arrows drop more skins than those you kill with bullets, you can recover the arrows you shoot even if you miss, they are ideal for stealthily clearing camps before entering and you can put both your sights on medium and long distance. They can become your best alternative to the sniper rifle.

2. Flamethrower

Let's be honest with you: the flamethrower has a depressing range, the flame is difficult to direct, it draws a lot of the attention of the enemies and you could end up burning yourself. But it's hilarious to use and it's the ultimate answer to absolutely everything: silos, vehicles, animals, cultists; there is nothing that can resist him and to see the fire spread and take even more enemies ahead is pure spectacle.

1. D2

D2 is a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun that offers you a very easy solution to all your problems: one shot, one kill. It does not matter if it is a bison, a bull or a cultist; if you hit him squarely, he'll die. It has a lot of bullets, fires very fast, is very easy to use and is equipped in the small arms slot, giving you room to equip many powerful weapons in the others. He will become an inseparable companion of adventures on his own merits.

Special: Vector 45

Shortly after Far Cry 5 was released, fans discovered the Vector 45 submachine gun in the game files, but no one knew how to find it. Well, there are two ways to get it today. For the first one you need an internet connection and it consists of playing 40 minutes at Arcade Dawn event from Far Cry Arcade, it's that simple.

In the PC version you can unlock it with another methodology, although in a somewhat radical way. We do not advise much to do so because you may have to reinstall the game if you do something wrong, but if you want to have this super exclusive weapon, you must follow the steps described below.

  1. Open the game's installation folder and make backup copies of the patch.dat and patch.fat files.
  2. Make copies of the common.dat and common.fat files somewhere else, such as your desktop.
  3. Edit the name of those files and name them patch.dat and patch.fat.
  4. Copy them back to the game's installation folder, overwriting existing files if Windows asks for it. This will bring the game back to patch 1.0.
  5. Open the game, load your game and make some kind of progress like editing your equipment or advancing in a mission.Then save the game and exit the game.
  6. Recover the backup copies of patch.dat and patch.fat from the first step and paste them into the game's installation folder, overwriting when necessary. This will return the game to its current version.
  7. Reopen the game and you will find the Vector 45 in the Weapon Shop.