Surprise release for No Man's Sky parent's new game, The Last Campfire

It is an exploration and puzzle title announced for two years.

Although we all find it easy to associate Hello games With No Man's Sky for the popularity and size of the space exploration game, the truth is that Sean Murray and his team have been working on another side project for years: the small and imaginative The Last Campfire, announced at the end of 2018. We haven't seen much of it. thing in the game since then, but today, by surprise, we have a release date. An imminent one, too.

We can play The Last Campfire on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch starting tomorrow, August 27th. And yes, it is rare that the announcement occurs just the day before Opening Night Live, the opening program of Gamescom 2020. But at least, it does not come alone: ​​from the PlayStation blog comes a trailer (attached in the news) commented by those responsible, as well as a brief introduction note for players less familiar with the subject.

"Essentially, this is a game of exploration in a world full of puzzles"comments Murray." You learn new skills as you progress through the world, allowing you to take on tougher challenges. You find a flute that allows you to manipulate the world around you, and a ship to go back to parts of the world that you couldn't access before. "

Puzzles and backtracking, as you can see. But it will also have that kind of narrative how fashionable FromSoftware has become in which the story is not told, but is discovered; and in the process we will also find ancient characters, each with their own background and reason for being, but sometimes we will have to wait until we are ready to discover everything they hide.

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