PlayStation VR external processing unit does not offer more power to PS4

It deals only with processing 3D audio, reassembling the virtual reality image and the cinematic mode.

As sure you already know if you have followed the news of PlayStation VR, the virtual reality device of Sony lands on the market with an external processing kit in the form of a box that accompanies the peripheral.

The British analysis team Digital Foundry has collected words from Chris Norden, one of the engineering managers of Sony pronounced during the recent GDC, to explain what this external unit will dedicate its performance to and to rule out that it can provide extra processing power to Playstation 4.

"PS4 is perfectly capable of delivering 120Hz by itself," Norden stated, emphasizing that the game's rendering and all the processing load is carried by the console itself, and that no one can program for the external device. However, the support it receives from this "external box" is for the audio and video stream that can be sent to the television, for the kinematic mode from the game console itself, for 3D audio processing and for the social screen.