The sequel to Startopia shows a new video with all its customization and its beta is now available

The Kalypso and Realmforge title can be tested by purchasing one of the early versions of the game.

The sequel to the classic Startopia announced its release date a month ago along with a video. Now Kalypso and Realmforge Studios have announced early booking and closed beta, as well as showing images of the Spacebase Startopia management simulator, a reinvention of the 2001 original. In this new trailer, you can see the three external constructions. customizable on the space station to provide entertainment for an entire galaxy of alien tourists.

The game will be available in two versions, a standard mode consisting of the base game and access to the beta, and an Expanded digital edition that adds gameplay items and an ideal soundtrack for true fans of the classic. The beta is now available in English and German and offers a wide variety of items available such as three maps of tutorials, two missions for a player and an early version of the skirmish mode with random parameters, 15 rooms Y three levels of technology tree.

Three maps, two missions and content that will continue to be updated in the beta Its developers have announced that more content will be added as part of the regular updates planned until the release of the full game, next October 23. This reinvention will keep the original dynamic of the game, but will expand it by significantly changing the combat and offering greater possibilities in matters of design.

Also, the newly released video shows how to place different buildings and services to create a playground in the middle of space. Additionally, some creations also appear where aliens can be cared for and meet your needs. And not everything is fun, there will also be hostile visitors whose only desire is to fight with whoever crosses their path.