Hearthstone's next expansion is Journey to Un’Goro

The name of the new pack is confirmed, with more than a hundred letters and scheduled for April.

The wild theme comes to Hearthstone from the hands of this Trip to Un’Goro which has been announced tonight by Blizzard and that confirms the different rumors that a few weeks ago already pointed to this name (or similar) for the next expansion pack for the card title.

In fact, this addition adds 135 cards to the video game and brings with it the change of Year of the Kraken to the Year of the MammothLikewise, it also adds a new type of legendary card and the cards can be acquired using real money or the in-game currency of the title itself. Of course the prices of the cards themselves are the same as with previous expansions, but there will be the possibility of buying packs of 50 cards in advance in exchange for 44.99 euros.

“Those brave enough (or curious) to embark on an expedition to a land of primeval wonderland will encounter ancient elementals, fearsome flora, and some of the most savage predators ever seen on Azeroth ... plus 135 new Hearthstone cards for your collections! ", explains Blizzard in a press release. “Journey to Un'Goro will lead adventurers into the heart of Un'Goro Crater, a prehistoric region of Azeroth preserved in time. It is rumored that previous expeditionaries left some unfinished business in Un'Goro, cards with dangerous missions that will grant rewards of immense power to those who succeed in completing them. It is also said that the dinosaurs in the crater have the ability to adapt to any threat through a newly discovered form of evolution, and that they can be quite territorial. "

All this starting in April for both PC and iOS and Android, at which time the expansion will be released, and in the preceding days there will be all kinds of incentives in the form of daily rewards.

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