The production of Detroit: Become Human has cost 30 million euros

David Cage's video game is more ambitious than his previous work.

The production costs of Detroit: Become Human reach the figure of 30 million euros, according to the newspaper Le Monde in the same article where the iconic creative David Cage defended himself against accusations of bad behavior in the workplace. In a comparative way, his previous work Beyond: Dos Almas supposed a disbursement of 44.78 million euros, of which 24.7 million were allocated to the development of the video game.

The interactive adventure proposed by Detroit: Become Human will arrive at some time yet to be determined in 2018, although it is expected that we will have a definitive date in the next few months — perhaps during the E3 2018 celebration. Until then, Quantic Dream faces numerous controversies such as the child abuse exhibited in the Paris Games Week trailer or these latest accusations about sexism and labor exploitation and whose veracity is caught with tweezers today.