Catchy Persona 5 Soundtrack Comes to iTunes

Get all 110 songs from Atlus's J-RPG for $ 29.99.

Persona 5 is not only a great video game because of its innovative and daring story or its gameplay J-RPG: It is also an excellent title for its great soundtrack, a house brand in the franchise and in the development team itself. Do you want to download it? Itunes has already released the 110 songs that make up the soundtrack, with some melodies as memorable as Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There or Life Will Change.

Own Atlus has confirmed that the price of each song is $ 1.30, but you can buy the entire soundtrack for $ 29.99. Persona 5 was launched in Playstation 4 Y Playstation 3 last April 4. Our colleague Alejandro Pascual highlighted in his analysis of the sound section that "it is an outstanding listening experience, that fits like a glove in this work and that does not leave indifferent".