Sekiro's New Fashion: Killing Bosses by Throwing Money at Them!

The fans believe that the challenge proposed by From Software is not difficult enough and they look for new challenges.

Video game lovers like challenges. But there are fans who take their desire to improve further than one could imagine. And, despite the fact that we can all agree that the new From Software game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is difficult, that does not seem enough for the fans. Some seek new challenges, for example, defeat Sekiro's bosses by throwing money at them.

The game allows you to use the coin toss as an attack. It doesn't have as much range as a shuriken throw, but it deals more damage. Despite this, it is not the optimal way to deal with the most dangerous opponents in the game. But there are many videos that you can find on YouTube in which fans share their games by joining this new game mode. After seeing "speedruns" of all kinds, even flying and in record time, Tyrannicon's proposal to check how much money it would take to kill all the bosses in Sekiro continues to surprise.

Using a special mod that allows you to use the artificial arm without spiritual cost, and starting the game with a figure of 10,000 sen, so far Tyrannicon has only managed to defeat 5 great enemies, with an average outlay of 776 coins. We will have to wait for how much the final sum amounts to, but for now, you can enjoy watching him defeat Genichiro in this curious way.

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