Devil May Cry 5's music will be better or worse depending on how we play it

The producer of Capcom's Hack and Slash talks about Dante and Nero's adventure that launches in early 2019.

The producer of Devil May Cry 5, Maki Okabe, has spoken with the Japanese portal Gamespark about a very interesting aspect of the long-awaited action and adventure video game from Capcom. Its music.

Apparently, the music of the video game is going to change depending on how we fight. Something that we have already seen in the past, of course, and not only in Hack and Slash but also in shooters such as Quantum Break, but not always in a way as sophisticated as the one that this title promises.

According to Okabe, the music will be better or worse depending on how we play. Reaching the high points of the choruses when we reach the highest style ranges, but being much more discreet when our fighting style is not so successful. In fact, this has led to some criticism from professionals in the sector who had spoken negatively about the music of Devil May Cry 5 like the one you can see in the attached tweet.

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