Best Chest Farming Route for Yvenia Trial in Anthem

Stuck on the Tombs of the Legionnaires mission? We give you a hand.

Fans subscribed to EA / Origin Access have already had the opportunity to deal with one of the most demanding missions of Anthem: to open the four Legionnaire Tombs in "Free Play" mode. All of them propose a list of simple challenges, but sometimes very heavy as well. In particular, in this guide we will try to pave the way for you to complete one of the most annoying: the requirement of open 15 treasure chests in the Yvenia trial.

As we tell you, it is nothing really complicated: it is rather tedious. Because although the chests can be found with the naked eye exploring the world, there are few and they are well hidden. In fact, there will no doubt be those who prefer to do all the world events they find along the way: they reward you with a guaranteed chest upon completion, and they are quite frequent. But they are also long, and some can be difficult to complete if you go alone. Therefore, the ideal is to know a 'farming' route to open many chests and without too much effort.

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The youtuber ArekkzGaming proposes a route that may not be perfect - we still do not know if there are more chests in the world - but in our opinion, it is the best right now. The video shows the location of 11 chests, although in practice you will find some less because they may not appear in your room or you could find one open when you arrive at their location. So it will take you two or three laps to finish the requirement, it depends on your luck and the world events you complete. It's not a bad idea to do them if you have few chests left. Also note that they can drop better rewards than the ones you find out in the open.

And one more thing! Early Anthem acquirers were unable to enjoy a feature that is now available to everyone as a preview of the day 1 patch: This Legionnaire's Tomb Challenge also count the chests that other players open, so if you go with friends you can greatly reduce the time it takes to go for a walk by opening chests if you distribute the tasks.